Will my marketing message yield results if I just scream louder?

The Rule of Seven
A consumer needs to hear your marketing message at least 7 times before they take action.

I am not sure where this statement came from as I did some research without luck of finding it’s origin. While the specific stats may change with the times I think the heart of the point to be made is still relevant today.

Why would it take a marketing message to be heard 7 times before a consumer will act? Let’s look at the most obvious reasons to start…

1. There is so much noise today! Consumers are getting bombarded with messages from so many different channels. Television, billboards, mail, fax, land phone, mobile phone, email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest…the list can go on and on. With so much information swirling around it’s understandable that your message may not stick, and if your message is “boring” you have even less of a chance it will be remembered. Make sure you have a consistent message that you project to your prospects through multiple channels. Knowing your ideal customers and what commonalities they share will help you in determining the best way to communicate with them.

2. Perception of price tag causes worry. Many consumers have a perception which is sometimes inaccurate as to what the costs may be. It’s very important that you properly convey the value that your product or service provides. The one area that we always seem to underestimate is the value of our time and if a product or service can save someone precious time, that solution can many times be priceless…but you have to make sure they get that message.

3.  They may not have a need for your product or service yet. Many times success with your marketing strategies can come down to just plain and simple timing. Make sure you keep track of your efforts as far as the channels you use and the times that you use them. Start to compare results and see if you can pull out trends in timing of what works best for you. Many times, while your marketing efforts may not feel like they are generating anything tangible you are in fact reinforcing your brand or building the relationship.

4.  Do your prospects know, like and trust you yet? For many business owners working with consumers is all about building a relationship . Rather that just trying to “sell” to them become a trusted advisor working to make their life easier or solve their problems. Provide free information when you can and watch your company start to become a part of their inner circle of companies they rely upon for answers to their biggest issues. The relationships you form can become the strongest marketing campaign there is and remember referrals can be so valuable.

Whatever you do with your marketing efforts, never rely on one method even if you feel you are yielding great results with it. We have great technology at our fingertips, make sure you engage in this new technology or you could just find yourself on the outside looking in and struggling to find your place.

Lastly, be sure to set time aside for planning of your marketing activities. A little bit of planning no matter how simple can go a long way!

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”   Peter F. Drucker

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About Carisa Holmes-Peters

We provide marketing support and communication services to small and midsize businesses and organizations locally and across the United States. Today, this includes marketing strategy, creative services, website development, print services, email, social media, promotional products and signage for indoor and light outdoor signage. Our services will evolve in-line with changes in the way organizations communicate with their employees, prospects and customers. Our niche is businesses with goals who do not have the in-house resources or time to achieve them and need partners who can apply innovation and best practices to help them achieve those goals cost effectively.
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