THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEKEND: How Does Social Media Hook Us?

television and social media

How many of you have a television show you follow religiously? Whether you dedicate an hour or two per week to your couch, TV and decent takeout, or you let the various online resources serve you when you’re ready, almost all of us have a go-to show. It connects us with pop culture and gives us something to talk about on our lunch break with coworkers. Have you thought about what has you so devoted to your shows? What keeps you coming back, week after week, and leaves you feeling the effects of a bad breakup at the end of a season or worse yet, a series?

For me, it’s about the characters. Every source of media we come in contact with is made up of the actions of characters, fictional or not, and we develop a connection with them. We come back for more because, very simply, we want to know more. What happens next and how will we feel about it?

Blogs, Facebook posts, tweets and other social media channels work for similar reasons. Twitter became wildly successful in 2008 when media outlets like CNN saw it as another way to share breaking news, and celebrity users started giving us a peek into their daily lives. The same things happened with Facebook posts and news feeds, as the world could now instantly find out what was happening with people they knew or pages they liked. Not only do we crave the continuous stream of activity and information shared by these “characters” we follow, but social media also gives us an opportunity to be one of those “characters.” We have profiles, marketing us like a brand, and we create and promote a personality, posting lines to a script in the form of blogs, tweets, photos, etc. Social media is like an interactive television show or movie, and we get to shape the direction of its continuous storyline by choosing who we follow.

Once businesses began dabbling in social media, those who did it right, quickly realized the benefits and reaped rewards that market research struggled to provide. Each social media channel provided a unique look at the thoughts and actions of consumers, and allowed companies to distribute information that made them a trusted resource. Social media marketing personified participating businesses by sharing their inner workings and relatable aspects. This created potential customers and stirred new interest, and it continues to do so on a larger scale.

Much like you tune into another episode for more from your favorite characters, consumers seek out companies on social media sites because they want to relate and feel a connection. We can link our personal profiles to our employers’ company pages or follow our favorite retailers, watching for coupons. The key to making your business’s social media marketing successful is just that. Be a character that offers consumers knowledge, something to relate to, and something of value to them. Make them feel included and understood; follow and be followed. If you share yourself with your audience in the ways they are searching for you, results will follow.

Leave a comment to share with us what keeps you involved in the many aspects of Social Media!


About Carisa Holmes-Peters

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