CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Clark Soil and Water Conservation District

The Clark Soil & Water Conservation District was commissioned in 1942 at the request of the citizens interested in soil and water conservation, land use planning, and flood prevention. It is a government agency that acts as a bridge between federal, state and local resource management agencies and local land managers, performing a variety of functions in coordinating and implementing national and state resource programs. With such wide-ranging tasks at hand, the Clark SWCD wanted to make sure there information was being communicated properly. They reached out to Holmes for a logo refresh and more streamlined variations of their public outreach publications. The updated branding elements are shown below on this business card design.CSWCD_bus card

The newsletter created by the Clark SWCD plays a significant role in the distribution of their information. Once they saw the new branding elements implemented on business cards and letterhead, they recognized the opportunity to have Holmes update their newsletter. The original design of the front page of the newsletter is shown below. past newsletter cswcd

The updated branding elements seen on the business card above were used to redesign the look and feel of the newsletter. A sample of the new front page is shown here.2013 Newsletter PG1

Chris Simpson, District Administrator, shared with us his thoughts about the process of making changes and the positive feedback they have gotten with their updated material.

“Our newsletter, logo and public outreach publications had looked the same for many years. When Holmes assisted us with refreshing those items, it only made sense that our newsletter be incorporated into the new style. To our surprise, we received a much-improved product in full color at a cost equivalent to what we had been spending. My role was very easy. All I had to do was provide the content for the newsletter and the Holmes team did the entire layout. I looked over the proofs that were generated by the Holmes team and gave them a final stamp of approval. This saved me several hours or work, therefore saving taxpayer dollars, as I was able to work on other tasks.”

“When we saw the first newsletter, our staff was amazed at the quality and the display of the content. We received many compliments on the updated newsletter and were regularly asked, ‘How did you afford that?’ Folks were quite shocked when they learned that the printing and postage costs were fairly similar, and they saw the huge savings from me not having to spend time designing the piece. The changes have pretty much been painless for us and well received by our clientele. We have appreciated the expert assistance and ongoing support from the Holmes crew!”

To learn more about the Clark Soil and Water Conservation District and view the complete issue of their newsletter, visit,


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