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…that we have some new printing equipment here at Holmes? In late October we added a new large format printer to our production area. For those less familiar with the printing process, you may wonder, “So what does that mean?” Well, it means that we now have even more opportunities to create high quality, eye catching printed pieces on a wide variety of unique materials of ANY size! We have spent the past few months trying new techniques and developing new products to offer our customers, and we have only scratched the surface.

11337720283_c572de4f99_z   11337685584_c8cdb4c905_zHolmes Christmas Tree Printing         Holmes Christmas Tree Cut Out and Mounted

It’s easier to understand and get excited about the new capabilities when you start seeing the actual end results. We have printed vinyl banners, pull up displays, tabletop displays, car decals, custom clocks, branded wallpaper, and even our office Christmas tree! We love the versatility this equipment has, and how it broadens the ways we can take care of our clients and help set their business apart from the rest.

11842581194_32b1293e1d  11406443025_3ed1e7909b

Holmes Wall Graphic                                    Wittenberg University Recruitment Banners

Many businesses are utilizing signage more, and in many different applications. Signs and displays are more effective as a piece of an entire marketing plan, ensuring the highest levels of brand exposure and promotion. They have become more than just standalone advertisements, and can be a tool used to drive existing and potential new customers to online resources for more information. For example, the use of QR codes on banners, posters, and even billboards is a great way to link to people to a landing page with videos, product images, or more details. This also provides more opportunities to measure the success of the signage and overall campaign.

11514121873_fcf6640b04                                                                                     QR Code on Holmes Gives Back Canvas Sign

As we continue to explore more projects like these, both internally and for clients, we will be sharing them with you on our Flickr page. Visit to see more of our work!

Click here to read our Holmes Marketing Minute about more uses for signage!Holmes Marketing Minute


About Carisa Holmes-Peters

We provide marketing support and communication services to small and midsize businesses and organizations locally and across the United States. Today, this includes marketing strategy, creative services, website development, print services, email, social media, promotional products and signage for indoor and light outdoor signage. Our services will evolve in-line with changes in the way organizations communicate with their employees, prospects and customers. Our niche is businesses with goals who do not have the in-house resources or time to achieve them and need partners who can apply innovation and best practices to help them achieve those goals cost effectively.
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