CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Clark County Auditor

Auditor Piece OutsideFront and back covers of the Re-Valuation Mailer

Holmes was contacted by the Clark County Auditor’s office to quote a four page mailer that would be reaching 65,000 people and required a data merge to provide each person with information specific to their home. As we always try to do, we dug deeper to learn more about the Auditor’s goals for the project and asked Clark County Auditor, John S. Federer, what prompted him to want to make changes to his existing Re-Valuation Mailing Project. “As the County’s new Auditor, we had a strong desire to deliver a quality product to inform, educate and demonstrate proactive leadership about what was going on and the outcome of the re-valuation,” Federer replied. “We wanted to make it special for each taxpayer.”

The Holmes team developed and then presented a proposal that included design and mailing data services, as well as timed mail drops that coordinated with the schedule of their internal valuation process.  We planned to be the post office liaison on the project and take additional measures for quality assurance due to the personal content on each piece. The proposal aligned very well with the objectives of the Re-Valuation Mailing Project, so we began working to develop the solutions.

“Holmes made the process simple and efficient,” shared Federer. “The expert team that Holmes assigned to our office was ‘listening’ to what we asked for and delivered with out-of-the-box recommendations. It saved the Clark County taxpayers dollars in all aspects of the product production, paper stock and mailing expenses.”

Once the project was completed, Federer gave us his thoughts on the overall experience. “I would say that the experience exceeded our expectations. Holmes kept us informed and worked closely with us throughout the entire process. As ‘opportunities’ arose, Holmes’ experts addressed us with options and solutions versus a creation of a crisis. Federer continued, “My personal experience is and has been one that I am open to new ideas and suggestions for a better outcome. Our recent experiences with Holmes support that philosophy.”

Auditor Piece InsideSample inside pages of the Re-Valuation Mailer

For more information about the Clark County Auditor’s Office, visit


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