Customer Service is About Custom Service

customer service

At Holmes, we are lucky to get to work with clients in so many different industries. And in order to provide our clients with exceptional print and marketing solutions, we often have to learn about the many services they provide their clients.

One thing we continually notice is how so many businesses we work with take extra time and effort to provide a superior product or service. At so many client meetings, we have heard statements such as, “We make custom sizes for all of our customers’ products,” or “Those extra services are just included in what we do,” and “Our clients call and ask to talk to the person they have built a relationship with, who they already know will take care of them.” The above and beyond approach seems to be such a common trend with many area small businesses. They are people helping people, first and foremost.

From a marketing standpoint, it makes it very easy to become a cheerleader for our clients when we learn about how much they do and how much more they are willing to do for their customers. We know that those existing and new customers will be hooked once they do business with our clients and experience the service firsthand, but it is our job to get them to take the initial step toward building that business relationship. To accomplish this, we are often putting ourselves in the role of the customers, and doing that accurately is much easier when we reflect on times that WE have experienced excellent service.

Last week at Holmes, for example, we had a vehicle crash into the back of the office at around 1:30 a.m., doing quite a bit of damage. Triec Electrical Services answered our emergency call and arrived on the scene at 3:45 a.m., and Kapp Construction was there by 6:30 a.m., responding to a Facebook message from us. We were floored by the way both of these companies came to our rescue, SO early in the morning, to help us close the gaping hole in the back of our building and restore power for work the following day. Each person who worked tirelessly all day on the project was so friendly and professional, which helped relieve some of the tension that we were inevitably feeling in the situation.

20140409_025324_resized_web Kapp-Triec_web

Unfortunately, we have all dealt with poor service at one time or another, but those experiences have allowed us to be both surprised and grateful when we come across companies who take extra pride in truly caring for their customers. And as a business who works closely with so many other businesses who fall in that category, we feel privileged to support and promote all that our clients do.

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About Carisa Holmes-Peters

We provide marketing support and communication services to small and midsize businesses and organizations locally and across the United States. Today, this includes marketing strategy, creative services, website development, print services, email, social media, promotional products and signage for indoor and light outdoor signage. Our services will evolve in-line with changes in the way organizations communicate with their employees, prospects and customers. Our niche is businesses with goals who do not have the in-house resources or time to achieve them and need partners who can apply innovation and best practices to help them achieve those goals cost effectively.
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