You might have read about our building “incident” in the last blog post or heard about it on the news or our Facebook page. Here is the story, in greater detail, from owner Kevin Holmes’ perspective.

WHAT???…A CAR CRASHED INTO OUR BUILDING?? That’s what I heard last Tuesday at 2:00AM in the morning. I was awakened by my home phone and cell phone ringing off the hook. Immediately my heart started racing because I am imagining the worst. When your phone is ringing endlessly at 2:00 in the morning, you know it’s not good. I wanted to answer, but then again I didn’t; I knew what I would hear on the other end was not going to be good.  I answered the phone and was instantly relieved to hear that everyone was OK. Then it started to sink in. What???… A car crashed into our building?? I didn’t know how bad the damage was at that point, and on the way in to work my mind was moving into damage control thinking about what we would need to do in order to open for business.

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When I arrived, it was much worse than I imagined. Not only did the runaway car crash into our building, but it crashed into the worst spot imaginable…right where our electrical power comes into our business. Needless to say we were without power. No phones, no lights, no internet…nothing!

When something like this happens, there is a helpless feeling you get because there is nothing you can do to fix this and you are left completely vulnerable. This is when you are reminded of how important relationships are, and that they DO matter.


We’ve had a long relationship with TRIEC Electrical Services so we contacted them right away. They arrived on the scene at 3:00am and quickly began assessing the situation,  thinking about how they could get us somewhat operational. Next we reached out to Tiffany Kapp-Russell with KAPP Construction, and she responded at 5:45am, saying Mark Kapp would be contacting us. Mark stopped by at 6:45am and I watched him quickly talk with TRIEC about an action plan to get us up and running. Mark went to his office and brought back a power generator to get our phones up and a handful of computer stations up and running, and then we were open for business. We weren’t out of the woods, but we could at least answer the phones and respond to emails. Hauck Brothers Heating & Cooling stopped in as the HVAC system was disrupted as well. We also contacted Tim Elliott at Elliott Insurance and he showed up on the scene.

Inside triec_web   new block_web

The rest of the day was a coordinated effort and collaboration between TRIEC Electric and KAPP Construction, working together in the most efficient way possible to get us to full power so we can get back to working on Client projects.  During the course of the day I also received a phone call from Jeanne Lampe, owner of ARMSTRONG Printing, who let us know that she was available to help if we needed.

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By 6:00pm that evening, TRIEC had us powered up and we were back in business. It’s times like these that I’m reminded that we are a community of people, and the relationships that we forge are the most valuable asset we have.

I think there is a bigger lesson learned here as well. Our children go to school together and play baseball together. We go to church together, and we buy our groceries at the same stores. Even as technology rapidly evolves and our habits change, incorporating mobile marketing and purchasing via the internet, it is important to remember our local community of business relationships and how we need to patronize them frequently because you never know when you will be in a situation where you need them…REALLY NEED THEM!

Thank you again to all of the area businesses who came to our rescue, and all of the people who reached out to us on that crazy, hectic day!


About Carisa Holmes-Peters

We provide marketing support and communication services to small and midsize businesses and organizations locally and across the United States. Today, this includes marketing strategy, creative services, website development, print services, email, social media, promotional products and signage for indoor and light outdoor signage. Our services will evolve in-line with changes in the way organizations communicate with their employees, prospects and customers. Our niche is businesses with goals who do not have the in-house resources or time to achieve them and need partners who can apply innovation and best practices to help them achieve those goals cost effectively.
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