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Project Woman is a Springfield-based, 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault by providing services and programs to protect, educate, and empower. Holmes has partnered with Project Woman for over a year now, providing them with a variety of services to help them educate our community.

Each October (Domestic Violence Awareness Month), Project Woman hosts several events in an effort to raise awareness, and they also put on a Strides Against Violence 5K in April. We created print materials, signage, and email campaigns for these events, as well as redesigning the Project Woman website to allow for an easier, more efficient user experience. We spoke with Laura Baxter, Executive Director of Project Woman, and asked her to share with us her thoughts on the experiences working with Holmes.

Q: “What prompted you to want to make changes to your existing website?”

“When I found myself frustrated by trying to find information on our own website, I figured those in need of our services had to be too! When I am looking for information, I need what I am seeking to be simple because I am busy. If someone is seeking help and may be in crisis, they need things to not only be simple but found in as few ‘clicks’ as possible. Our old website just didn’t offer that.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 2.35.01 PM New Project Woman Website Homepage

Q: “What was the creative process like from your perspective? What roles did you play in the steps from start to finish?” 

“I thought the creative process was a great time! I enjoyed the team – Ben, Karleigh, and Heather. Our conversations were something I looked forward to. I was involved at every step but in a way that was flexible due to my sometimes crazy schedule. Options like Basecamp, teleconference, and face to face planning sessions made it easy to stay fully involved in the creative process. The best part is that the website is so dynamic, so we will continue as a team to work together as things change and grow for the agency.”

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Q: “Have you seen any positive or negative results following the changes you made? If yes, what were they?”

“Our following has greatly increased! We added an ability to contact our crisis response staff directly through the website – a nice feature for those that cannot safely use a phone – which has resulted in greater access to services. Through the new Volunteer and Donor Sections, we also have a broader connectivity for volunteerism and giving.”

sign photo3     PW banner Candlelight Vigil Vinyl Banner                               5K Vinyl Banner

Q: “Has going through the process of changing how you visually represent yourself made you more open to the idea of making changes in the future?”

“It does – change is always something we hesitate against – but I can honestly say this change was pain-free!”

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